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Dear Students,

in light of the current COVID-19 situation and the Los Angeles County “Stay Home Order” we ZR Team have decided to start our Virtual Classes on April 1st until further notice.

Instructors will be coordinating classes via the ZOOM APP and we look forward to see you all joining us. Feel free to have anyone from your family to join us during the classes.

If you aren’t a current student, email us at zrarcadia@gmail.com and sign up for our online classes.

Click here to check our Schedule  /ZOOM Schedule / Reopening Guidelines / Schedule Phase #1 Questioner 

Remember during those moments we still need to stay positive and active. We are stronger together.

We appreciate your support.

Professor Lucas Rocha

Established in 2012, ZR TEAM Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a worldwide well recognized martial arts academy. We provide excellence in quality and satisfaction as results. Principles of teamwork, hierarchy and mutual respect are also part of our focus.

Our family welcomes anyone who values discipline, wellness, self-confidence, and is looking for a healthy lifestyle and even more. Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone! Even for those seeking for a full-body workout, weight loss, self-defense, stress release while training or become a professional athlete.

Also, it is part of our vision to support kids with discipline, focus, respect, and confidence to deal with bully situations.

High-quality jiu-jitsu classes are provided based on Carlos Gracie’s philosophies for all ages and levels of experience. And above all, we value the physical, mental and spiritual development of the individual for complete.

Our schools have a family environment with skilled instructors to guide and help the students to reach their goals. Furthermore, the goals are to discover our practitioner’s strengths and work on their weakness offering them the best experience of training, providing in each one life-changing experience.


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Meet ZR TEAM PASADENA head instructor Professor Diego Ramalho:


Meet ZR TEAM ARCADIA head instructor Professor Lucas Rocha:

Visit our First Class Experience page to find out everything you need for your first class as such as warm-up, basic moves, belt system and more.

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)?

BJJ is a system of self-defense that allows a smaller person to successfully defend against a bigger and stronger aggressor. It focuses on techniques, leverage and the ability to apply submissions holds. As a result, the advantage of BJJ that separates it from other martial arts is the efficiency in real situations.



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