• Kids Program – 3 to 5 Years Old
  • Juniors – 6 to 11 Years Old
  • Teens – 12 to 16 Years Old
  • Fundamentals Program – All Levels
  • Advanced  – White Belt Three Stripes and Up
  • Competition – All Levels


Arcadia-Screen Shot

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Frequent questions asked about our schedule / programs:

a) Can I attend both of the locations?     Yes, by becoming one of our students you have all access to both of the academies, Arcadia and Pasadena.

b) What is the difference about KIDS group “A” and “B”?     The only reason why we came up with two different groups was to know the amount of kids we would have in each class and automatically, the amount of coaches that would be necessary to provide the best attention that each student deserves.

c) Do you teach Self-Defense?    Yes, for us it is mandatory to have our students know how to deal in all different scenarios. We can not imagine a jiu-jitsu black belt without knowing self-defense (how to protect theirselves or their families in a street situation if necessary). Our curriculum cover most of the self -defenses movements which is studied every other week.

d) What do you mean by NoGi Classes?   The NoGi classes are another part of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, knowing that (BJJ) is a martial art that prepares us for any type of combat, we do teach jiu-jitsu with and without uniform, which can be used for MMA and self-defenses.

• Kinstretch Mobility Class every Saturdays from 10:45AM to 11:45AM in PASADENA for more information click here.